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From Elena in Midtown East:

From Deanna in Bensonhurst:

Finally a roommate! I live in a studio- alone for the first time, I’m used to sharing space with lots of people! When I heard through a co-worker about the “NYC Nomad” I instantly wanted in! Finally my week with Ed came and it was GREAT! We both got home around the same time every night, so it was very convenient. I had some worries about sharing my studio apartment with a man- who was a stranger, but it turned out to be an awesome experience! I was never woken up by the sound of Ed getting ready in the morning, and it was great to finally have my drawer fixed (props to Ed!). A HUGE bonus was that Ed was always down to play some ‘Just Dance 2’ with me on my Wii. This, along with him attending my swing dance class and some great dinners, definitely made for a fun comfortable week. When the weekend came, I was very sad to see Ed go- and I made sure to confirm that we were “now friends” and we’ll be keeping in touch. 

From Rob in South Williamsburg:

I always wondered had Ed coped with just arriving on people’s doorsteps and immediately having to try and integrate into their lives. It was incredibly seamless and a testament to Ed’s attitude that he is able to fit in so quickly. 
We had an awesome week with Ed, including some great dinners, a few sessions with Tony and P90X and some great chats over breakfast in the morning.

Its a great experience, I thoroughly recommend it. More than anything else, its just great to spend some time with a new and interesting person like Ed for a week.

From Cory in South Williamsburg:

"a little like a mixture of having a tourist stay with you that you didn’t know and a close friend that you hang out with"

video testimonial for the nyc nomad from Cory Forsyth on Vimeo.

From Liz in Crown Heights:

It was great having you! I’ve lived in the neighborhood for three years and done very little exploring. Or eating. So your visit was a long-overdue opportunity to play tourist.

 From Ani on the Upper West Side:

Ed stayed with my sister, Adrena, and I on the UWS in the beginning of September. I’ve known Ed since our college days at Tufts, but sharing an apartment with someone for a week really allows you to get to know someone on a different level. He was a wonderful houseguest. Ed was always respectful, clean and polite, except for that one night when we came home to the huge rager in our apartment (kidding!). In all seriousness, Ed is such a fun person to spend time with. He loves to try new things, learn about what you find interesting in life, and can pretty much have a conversation with anyone about anything! This project really epitomizes who Ed is, an innovative person who wants to do something different, and it was so much fun for us to be a part of it. Though we might need him to bone up on his pop culture knowledge should he return, we’d welcome him back anytime!

From Charley in Kew Gardens:


It was a pleasure hosting you in Kew Gardens for a week (albeit a short week).  Thanks for researching places in the neighborhood.  I am definitely going to check them out, especially the place where all the flight attendants are rumored to hang out.  You were extremely low-maintenance, I did not even know you were there in the mornings.  I would recommend you as a house guest to anyone.  Feel free to come back anytime!  Good luck with your nomadic lifestyle.

Not to outdone by Isaac and Lesley, here’s Colin’s video testimonial of my time on the Lower East Side:

From Isaac and Lesley in Morningside Heights.  This is my favorite testimonial so far!


From Emily in Washington Heights:

"I very much enjoyed having you over.  It made me realize how I missed having a real roommate that hangs out with us and that is personable!  Let me know if you ever to go to the Yoga studio around 145 or if you want to go to Yoga to the People."


From Shira on the Upper West Side:


From Nate & Callie in Park Slope:


From John on 35th btw 9th and 10th:

"Ed stayed with me for a week during his couch surfing tour around NYC. He set out with a goal to surf in as many neighborhoods as possible for one week each. It’s a really cool project and he’s a great guy. We had some good fun BBQing, talking about life, and just hanging out."


From Kevin in Clinton:

"I hosted Ed for a week early May 2010. A delight to share time with. Very open-minded and engaging guy. He’s also got mean skills in the kitchen and some great stories. We caught a really good concert mid-week and that was a lot of fun.

Love the current “NYCNomad” project and glad to be a part of it. You are really innovating here, Ed! Stay again any time.”


From Sid in Hong Kong:

Ed stayed about a week at our place in Hong Kong
"Ed the Hong Kong guest, Came and stayed in our nest, Friendship maker, Cookie baker, After three bunnies he needs a rest. Ed was a thoroughly pleasant guest to have over, and was one of those both my partner and I felt we connected with. If you get the chance, do meet up."