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The NYC Nomad is Cheating! (2 Weeks in Park Slope)

Or was cheating, because now I’m in Crown Heights (more on this later).

So I have these rules for this project, all of which are self imposed, making rules seem a bit ridiculous.  Among these rules are only spending a week at a time in each place and staying with people (i.e. not house sitting).  This project / experiment is about meeting people.  Alas, I cheated on both accounts over the past two weeks, when friends and previous hosts Nate and Callie offered their place to me while they honeymooned for 2 weeks.  It was partly strategic as I’ve been at this for 5 months now and it seemed like a good time for a break.  That, and I was having a bit of difficulty finding hosts for one of the weeks.

A couple of weeks staying in Park Slope, alone, and in a real bed made me realize why I have these rules.  I slept more, got used to having a DVR, my own space etc. It was quite nice.  It also made moving difficult on Sunday.

But once I moved, and later that night while at a Caribbean restaurant with my new host in Crown Heights, I understood why I am doing this.  Sitting down with a new person in a new place makes me really happy right now.  The roti (pumpkin, and curry goat) was excellent and Liz told started telling me some things about Crown Heights.  The owner took care to make sure we were happy.  

I’ve also realized that these posts need to be more in the moment, and when things happen.  I should have been writing about the tornado in Park Slope the night it happened and writing becomes a chore when I know I need to catch up. Otherwise, I’m looking back all the time and forget details or even entire evenings (like the Rosh Hashana I was so graciously invited to while I was on the UWS).  I think it’s also more fun for people to follow me around via the blog and actually know where I am while I’m there.

I digress.  You can expect shorter posts, more links to different sources, and maybe even an interview with a neighborhood resident.  I’m no longer leaving the city every weekend so I hope to have more time although I’m mindful that time seems to evaporate in this city.  I’m open to suggestions if you’d like to read anything in particular and if you really miss the hyperlinks (below, so you can click to a website), just let me know.

But back to Park Slope.  Just because I was alone doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy.  

Some highlights:

A peanut butter gelato and chocolate brownie ice cream sandwich at bierkraft (also: serrano ham sandwich and coopers stout)

Iced coffee at gorilla coffee.  The workers didn’t seem much happier which is too bad.  It’s good coffee, but

Blue Sky Bakery - amazing.  i said amazing.  muffins.

5th avenue deli - Some delis have amazing sandwiches at all hours of the night. This is one of those delis.

Prospect Park - the carnage from the tornado was incredible.  

A small group of us has started to play football on Sundays in Prpspect Park and watch the games after.  If you are interested, email me at and I’ll get you on the list.

A birthday party at the Dram Shop which is a fun place with shuffleboard and other games.  I even went back on Sunday to watch football, but it gets really crowded. The Gate is less busy but with much smaller TV’s and a bartender that is a Jets fan.

And last but not least, the Grand Army Greenmarket where I picked up some fresh ingredients for a delicious salad.

I’m sure I left some things out but what did I miss in Park Slope?

Email me if you’d like to host!