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52nd and 10th Recap

The first week was a solid start to this project.  Mike is a good friend who just moved back to Seattle and graciously let me stay in his amazing apartment overlooking Midtown Manhattan until his lease ended on April 24th.  I got in about 4 workouts on the rooftop gym and enjoyed the view of the city on a nightly basis. Learned a few basic lessons.  

1) Blow up the air mattress in the morning 

2) Taxis are okay, especially when you are late - don’t wake up your host

3) I had too much stuff — still probably do

Some of the restaurants we hit included:

Azuri Cafe - nice Israeli spot with theatric (hitting tongs against the rims of all the ingredient containers) preparation of a falafel pita

Hallo Berlin - The “Wurst”” restaurant, as advertised, actually was the Worst restaurant.  Probably one of the worst experiences I’ve had in NY, which is disappointing considering I always enjoyed the satellite location on 9th avenue.  Stale beer, awful schnitzel, and TERRIBLE service drove me to write a review of this location on Yelp.

El Centro - can’t really give a full review as I only had a couple of chicken enchiladas, but my friend Mike said this place was one of his standby’s….he likes the Chilaquiles

We also hung out underneath the Highline on Friday afternoon.  What an amazing park.  Thanks to those who came up with a plan to save it and those who are making art from it.  I chatted with Dan who was shooting a time lapse of the sunset.  I’m excited it will soon stretch to 30th street.