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Looking Back: The NYC Nomad

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2 years ago, I wrote the first blog post of my nomadic travels in NYC. At that time, I thought I might live with different people for a couple of months while I “figured things out.” It turned into much more than that, an indelible experience on my life with images from the people and places of New York City.

I lived in a different neighborhood, with different people, every week for nearly two years!  Towards the end of my project, I realized that as soon as I stopped I’d look back on it and ask “How did I ever do it?”  And now, after month-long sublets in South Williamsburg and Greenpoint and 6 weeks in my new, permanent home in Alphabet City, I’ve reconsidered just that:  How did I do it? How did I move almost every week since March of 2010?

You can get used to anything, and I got used to moving. Almost Every Sunday, I packed everything I owned into four bags and moved to a new neighborhood of NYC. I thrived on meeting new people and seeing new places – on getting to know this city in a truly unique way. I was constantly aware that seeing any place for a week is not enough, but when you know you only have a week, you see a lot more.  You also talk to people a bit more, and through my SoundCloud fellowship, I met and interviewed people who know a far different New York City than I ever will.  (Bernie’s been in Stuytown since the 40’s!)

It’s quite hard to encapsulate this project in a single blog post.  I had over 100 roommates and lived in everything from a tiny studio to an 8 person loft, from a Park Avenue doorman building to the South Bronx.  I even camped one week in Brooklyn.  I stayed with people from the age of 8 months to 80 years old (my 80 year old host was still flying planes) and in 52 unique neighborhoods across the 5 boroughs (map here).  

None of this would have been enabled without some amazing friends and supportive family, friendly acquaintances, and welcoming strangers.  I’m still overwhelmed by the willingness of people who shared their apartments and lives with me. I learned so much, a great deal of which is still being processed.  I’m similarly overwhelmed by the number of offers to stay with people around the world (especially Brazil!).

I want to say thanks, and I’m having a party at my new place so feel free to stop on by if you’re in the neighborhood.  Here’s some more info on the party.

I’ll end this how I ended my first blog post for the NYC Nomad and say that I hope to see you in your neighborhood!

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I wonder if this ad would have been okay 20 years ago on a subway station #brooklyn #nyc (Taken with instagram)

I wonder if this ad would have been okay 20 years ago on a subway station #brooklyn #nyc (Taken with instagram)

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Listen to my quest to find the most interesting person in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It was tough, but ultimately I found Igor.  Like many others in the neighborhood, including Anna (interview below), Igor swims when most people don’t even think of going near the beach. He swims almost every day of the year.

Anna - Swimming in Brighton Beach by thenycnomad

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Swimming in Brighton Beach…It’s delicious!

I caught up with Anna on a cold, crisp, beautiful fall day. She rides her bike to the beach and jumps into the water, often into November.

The NY Times has more about this cold weather swimming phenomenon, which is apparently prevalent in this part of Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for a post about my search for an interesting person.  It wasn’t easy!

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People liked this one on @instagram so I thought I’d share it here. I think I need to live near the beach.

People liked this one on @instagram so I thought I’d share it here. I think I need to live near the beach.

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Brighton Beach boardwalk

Brighton Beach boardwalk

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Last week, I walked the streets of Carroll Gardens to find the most interesting person in the neighborhood, Vinny Tallercio.  Vinny owns the Smith Union Market which has been operating in the same location since 1945.  

In my search, I talked to the Italians, a couple of cafe owners, my wonderful hosts, and Sam at the laundromat.  You can listen to all of these characters in the podcast.

Is there an interesting person in your neighborhood?  Interview them and I will post it on on my blog and the City Stories map!  You can submit the link here

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Have you seen the Swine Flu Avenger running around Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn in a gas mask?  Listen to him talk about his 6 world records in gas mask running.  If you are curious, he’s given an open invitation for people to try it out in Central Park.

Is there an interesting person in your neighborhood?  Interview them and I will post it on my Tumblr and add it to the sound map.  Submit the link here and join the City Stories group on SoundCloud!

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"The List" from my hosts in Carroll Gardens

Missing Any?


Brooklyn Social Club
Black Mountain Wine Bar

Eats (note that it’s a traditionally Italian and Middle Eastern neighborhood)
Buttermilk Channel (brunch!)
Smith Canteen (cafe)
Seersucker (Southern)
Zaytoon’s (Middle Eastern)
Brucie (maybe that’s technically Boreum Hill?)

Farmers Market (happening now on Carroll Street)
Jalopy - bluegrass and traditional music
Book Court - bookstore with cool events
Brooklyn Wine Exchange - good free wine classes (although maybe Boreum Hill?)

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