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The NYC Nomad: an Introduction

I moved back to New York City (from St. Thomas) about 7 weeks ago in search of certain things that I loved.  While I found some of these things to still be here, others eluded me.  They may be hidden, misplaced, lost, stolen, buried, or locked away.  I really can not say, but what I can say is right now they are gone.

And from that comes this — an idea — most would say a crazy idea — of moving to and living in a different neighborhood every week — at least until I run out of willing friends and hopefully longer than that.  At the very least, I would like to hit all 5 boroughs.  I think some of the happiest times in my life have been moving from place to place.  Travelling.  Who is to say that I can’t travel in the city that I live while working a full time job?  And what better place to travel than New York City neighborhoods. 

I am not without a sense of the difficulty of this project.  I have a twin sized aerobed that I am sleeping on for the first time tonight.  I have no pillow for space reasons.  I have two backpacks and a wheeled garment bag.  I have a limited amount of clothes.  But I am excited and I think that is all that really matters.  

It is the type of project that needs momentum, so if you think it is an interesting idea, I urge you to check the calendar and email me about a week.  Please check out my facebook page and my LinkedIn, realize I’m not completely crazy, and invite me into your apartment.  Tell your friends :)  I’ll come prepared with my aerobed and clean sheets, an open mind, and plenty of Groupons & LivingSocial Deals so we can go out to eat once or twice and learn something from one another.

Thanks, and hope to see you in your neighborhood!



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