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The “move” to Carroll Gardens

I received Lena’s email Sunday - “there is a chance I will be going nighttime fishing tomorrow night so I might not be here when you arrive.  Also there’s a slight chance my boyfriend may be here tomorrow night with his dog so it may be a little lively in here but I’m sure we’ll all have a blast as long as you’re cool with 2 dogs.”  

I had already spent one extra night in South Williamsburg and thought to myself, where the hell is she going fishing?  That was besides the point, though.  The real question was whether it made sense for me to go over there that night, and if it made sense to go at all since I was leaving for Boston that Friday (it was Monday). I thought Cory and Rob would be amenable to having me for another few days if necessary.

It has been rare that I have spent more than a consecutive week at a place and I think it makes the project harder when I do.  You start to get comfortable.  With that in mind, and a slight bit of apprehension, I told Lena I was coming and set off for the M train from South Williamsburg to connect to the F train in Manhattan which would take me to Carroll Gardens.  It was much easier than I expected, particularly because Lily and Lena live very close to the subway and on the first floor (always a bonus).  I shimmied through the first of two sets of doors, pressed the buzzer, and Lena was soon there to greet me.  The fishing expedition (which turned out to be out of Red Hook for a photography project) had been cancelled due to weather.

Lena had warned me the place was small.  And it was when considering the amount of people that were there that night.  Full count was 2 dogs, 2 girls, and 2 guys.  We moved the bed, put a bike against a window and I wedged my aerobed in.  Then I went and grabbed some fall-like beers and we hung out for a bit talking before going to bed.  For a night, it was one big happy family. Someone once told me they loved New York because it pushes people together.  I guess I’m taking that to the extreme, but I think its true and it was certainly true in Carroll Gardens that Monday night.

More to come from my shortened (but really fun!) week in Carroll Gardens soon…



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